Why weather forecasts suck.

“Nothing is independent, the entire world is connected which every event influencing each other. The world is a giant chaotic non-linear system.” I wrote this a few years ago the…

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The Lost Geniuses

I sit staring at a beige sofa, as I glance away its geometrical palm leave pattern imprints a mottle purple haze on my vision. I’m thinking of the hours I’ve…

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Tesla Semis: Charging Ahead

Tesla Semis: Charging AheadFinally, Tesla has revealed its Semi, but much speculation still surrounds it, primarily about the battery. In this article, I hope to provide some insight into how…

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A Scarce Site

If you are here, then you have probably seen my published work and wanted to learn more. If you wish to commission me please email john@johnewbank.co.uk

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