Why weather forecasts suck.

“Nothing is independent, the entire world is connected which every event influencing each other. The world is a giant chaotic non-linear system.” I wrote this a few years ago the…

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The Divisiveness of Language.

Language is portrayed as definitive. A word is a word and its definition is its meaning, except it isn’t. Just as people can see the same event interpret it differently,…

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Who Killed the Hydrogen Car?

I wrote this last year. I maintain the opinion that a car using hydrogen fuel cells won't be mass-produced. However, owing to solid oxide fuel cells and an abundance of…

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The Lost Geniuses

I sit staring at a beige sofa, as I glance away its geometrical palm leave pattern imprints a mottle purple haze on my vision. I’m thinking of the hours I’ve…

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Mass Manipulation

News organisations are propaganda machines forcing their audiences to take sides. How far will society stretch before it tears itself apart? It must be clear that the vast majority of…

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The environmental cost of biofuels

Our world has a problem. Laws are written by elected officials don’t examine their 2nd and 3rd order consequences. Promoting the use of biofuels is a pristine example of our…

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Tesla Semis: Charging Ahead

Tesla Semis: Charging AheadFinally, Tesla has revealed its Semi, but much speculation still surrounds it, primarily about the battery. In this article, I hope to provide some insight into how…

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A Scarce Site

If you are here, then you have probably seen my published work and wanted to learn more. If you wish to commission me please email john@johnewbank.co.uk

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